Semi wheel bearing torque specs

Semi wheel bearing torque specs

Wheel cap nuts must be kept tight. When checking the cap nuts on dual disc wheels utilizing the stud located ball seat mounting system, loosen every other outer cap nut and then check the torque of the inner cap nuts. Retorque the loosened outer cap nuts. Repeat procedure with the rest of the nuts.

Check all cap nuts for proper torque after the first use or any removal. Inspect wheels and check wheel nuts during service stops. Dirt streaks from cap nuts may indicate looseness.

Flange nuts must be kept tight, and studs and nuts should be checked frequently. At tire changes, nuts and studs should be inspected to be sure they are in good condition. If nuts require frequent tightening or studs break frequently, hardware and mounting practices should be reviewed.

Please contact lug nut and stud supplier for correct specifications. Buy Truck Wheels. Home Sign In Sign Up. Nut Type Hole, 7. Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart. Continue Shopping. Your Wishlist is empty! Product added to Wishlist.

View Wishlist Add to cart. Product added to Compare. View Compare Add to cart.Lack of proper lubrication is the most common cause of premature failure in u-joint kits and slip assemblies. Inadequate lube cycles, and failure to lubricate the u-joints and slip splines properly, will not only cause premature u-joint kit failures, but may lead to other problems, such as slip spline seizures. Relubrication at recommended intervals see Chart 5 flushes abrasive contaminants from the u-joints and slip components, helping to optimize the life of the driveshaft.

Pre-Loading Trailer Wheel Bearings

You can rely on Spicer products to deliver the premium performance that keeps your vehicle on the road. Dana recommends lubrication with Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease or Chevron Ultra-Duty EP-2 or a compatible lithium-based grease meeting N. Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is available in packs of oz. A separated driveline can result in serious injury or death.

semi wheel bearing torque specs

In order to minimize the potential for driveline failure, including driveline separation, you must:. Prior to installing a new u-joint into the driveshaft, you must:. After installation into a driveshaft, and prior to being placed into service, you must with the exception of Service-Free U-joints lubricate each u-joint kit in accordance with the following recommendations:.

If that should ever happen, try one of these purging procedures to relieve seal tension:. Push up on the driveshaft, from the side opposite the bearing that will not purge, while applying gun pressure to the lube fitting.

Striking the yoke ear may relieve tension across the span. Rotate shaft degrees and repeat procedure on opposite lug ear.

Torque spec on axle nuts and bolt 2002 Peterbilt

Apply grease gun pressure. If the problem still persists move on to steps 3 and 4.

semi wheel bearing torque specs

Depending on the type of yoke design in your driveshaft, release pressure on the affected bearing s as follows:. DSSM for u-joint kit installation instructions.

Click here to view. Refer to Bolt Installation Procedures section for instructions. On half round type yokes with bearing retainers or bearing straps:. Always use a restraining strap to prevent them from falling out of the vehicle. Refer to the lube interval chart on the back of this brochure for recommendations regarding lube cycles vs. New Spicer Service-Free SF light-duty and medium-duty u-joints are shipped pre-lubed, with the bearings installed on the cross trunnions. It is not necessary to grease them after installation.

SPLSF3X are supplied with a pre-determined amount of Spicer synthetic grease,which must be added to the journal cross and bearing caps prior to assembly into the driveshaft yokes.

Wipe a liberal amount of grease on the bottom of each bearing. ALWAYS make sure you re-install the same bearing back onto the same cross trunnion when installing the u-joint into the driveshaft yoke.Diesel and Heavy Equipment.

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Torque Specifications on Wheel Bearings

Fleetguard Fleetschool. Miller Welding Training.All vehicles come equipped with wheel bearings. The wheel bearings are responsible for allowing the wheels to be able to turn properly on the spindle. The wheel bearing is held in place by an inner and outer nut.

Both of these nuts have to tightened and torqued for the wheel bearing to be able to work properly. If the torquing procedure for the wheel bearing nuts is not done properly, it can cause the bearing to wear out prematurely from the friction of being over-tightened or from the looseness of being under-tightened. A wheel bearing is designed with a bunch of rollers that are enclosed inside of a round metal cage.

The rollers enable the bearing to turn the wheel hub. The wheel bearing also has a race in the center of the bearing that is seated around the spindle. As the vehicle is in motion the wheel bearing turns at the same time as the wheel is turning. The wheel bearing makes it possible for the wheels to be able to turn with no restrictions and with no slack.

There are different types of wheel bearings to consider when torquing a wheel-bearing nut. Not all of the wheel-bearing nuts will require the same torquing procedure. This is why it is important to know the different types of wheel bearings and the different torquing procedures for the wheel-bearing nuts. Torque the inner nut to foot-pounds with a torque wrench and a socket for the initial adjustment. Back off of the inner nut one complete turn. Turn the hub in a clockwise direction with your hands to free up restrictions from the wheel bearing.

Re-torque the inner nut to 50 foot-pounds with the torque wrench and socket. Back off of the nut one-quarter of a turn. Torque the outer jam nut to foot-pounds with the torque wrench and a socket.

Do not back off of the nut. Re-torque the inner nut to 20 foot-pounds with the torque wrench and socket. Back off of the nut one-third of a turn. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by silver dollarJul 5, Log in or Sign up.

Find Trucking Jobs. Hub nut torque Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by silver dollarJul 5, Jul 5, 1. I'm having to replace the oil seals on the steer axle of my Volvo. Anyone know about how much I should torque the spindle nut?

Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply.

Jul 5, 2. First torque the nut ft lb, then back it off, then final torque to 50 ft lbs. Jul 5, 3. Jul 5, 4. That info is correct for the inner adjusting nut. You must torque the jam nut ft lb.

Timken Tricks of the Trade - Adjusting Wheel Bearings

KoolkJul 5, Jul 6, 5. Here is a factory manual how to do it There should be no bearing preload, 0 preload is ideal. Jul 7, 6. Bender is correct its 50 final if wheels are off if you leave rims and tires on the final tourque is 75ftlb. Gear headJul 7, Jul 7, 7.

I did 50 ftlb before and my steer axle bearings barely lasted one year. When I started to adjust them like the manual above says they now over two years old and still good. My hub oil does not get that black like it used to be before. Jul 7, 8. Is there something different about this Volvo axle compared to pretty much every other manufacturer out there? Never seen were your final step in any wheel bearing adjustment is to torque it to 50 ftlbs and leave it there. Please show me some where that says a 50 foot pound preload, or 0.

Once you are at 0. You can't. You'll just burn up your bearings. This is where it gets dangerous for DIY'ers, bearings too tight could result in bearing failure and loss of a wheel! HeavydJul 7, Jul 7, 9.

semi wheel bearing torque specs

Although the two step torque method is not precise it was adopted many years ago by the fleets who had previously been loosing wheel assemblies in high numbers due to inexperienced installers using varied methods. When they come off on the highway they can go anywhere totalling cars in their path and killing innocent people.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Aug 10, 1. Need to know torque specs for putting back together. Than you. Cam RobertsAug 10, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 10, 2. Should be ft lbs. Looks like you have 1 bolt not nut?? OldironfanAug 10, Aug 10, 3.

Aug 10, 4. The proper torque value is actually ft lbs. With no axle tapers these flanges will loosen and move on you so make sure they are tight. The above spec is lubed threads. Probably as high as ft lbs if dry. GoodysnapAug 10, Aug 10, 5. Goodysnap Thanks this. Aug 10, 6. Get a new gasket. Clean and dry. SARmslashbar and pushbroom Thank this. Aug 10, 7. Aug 10, 8. Mr common 8 hole axle flange gasket for class 8 axle shafts.

If in doubt just press a cardboard template on the bolt circle for a sample to take with you. Cam Roberts Thanks this.This article is a compilation of information and and specs relating to the venerable GM Corporate 14 Bolt full-floating rear axle - also referred to as the There are other 14b axles out there - a 9.

This article is not about them. The US Military also produces, free of copyright restrictions, manuals for these vehicles. Normally, the manuals come in large volume sets comprising hundreds of pages covering every aspect of the vehicle.

So that you do not have to wade through all this data to find information on the Bolt rear axle, I extracted only the relevant information and compiled it all into a single Bolt Manual in.

You can find it in:. Being a full-float FF axle means it has full-floating wheel hubs and axle shafts. I simply love full-float axles, and would never go back to running anything but a FF axle, for the following very good reasons:.

Before we delve deeper into the 14bolt, let's just talk about why this is such an awesome axle. Overall, I think they are a superb choice for a heavy duty off-road machine. The following quote from " H8Monday" a rock crawling competitor and devout throttle-crazy maniac who runs a 14b behind a very healthy 5. It is very common to find them with 4.

They are very easy to set up, because they have an adjustable backlash. Not that spares are usually necessary with a 1. But, the best thing is, because the stock carrier is a monstrous hunk of an assembly, you do not change the carrier [when installing] a Detroit [locker], its basically a massive lunch box locker.

Not bad for a full floater, rear axle with discs, 4. Note that the spindle threads are the same as for Dana 60 front and rear axles and Dana 70 rear axles. This means that all the different styles of spindle nuts 4 slot, 6 slot, hex, rounded hex and lock washers can all be interchanged.

Part numbers for the spindle hardware shown, from left to right are:. Watch out for this when you go to remove the wheel hub outer bearing and race. The bearing does not simply fall out of the end of the hub on most FF axles - its OD keeps it captive. Instead, a snap ring in the hub, accessible from the back of the hub yellow arrows needs to be removed so the wheel bearing can come out the back.

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