Bnha x reader eating disorder

Bnha x reader eating disorder

These are going to be the basic rules for requests, they may change as the blog evolves or as I find a need to clarify anything. Characters I currently write for!

I will write male and female characters outside of this list, as long as I feel I can portray the characters effectively! Tagging: parade-of-the-defects kerosene—angel madhouse-at-midnight feelin-peachy phil-and-a-corgi ashfire05 emo-boi emohyena vyukami gods-mistake-uwu im-a-ban-im-a-bandito fromthegallifrey wherethewaterstarts-andyouend hanna-does-stuff anti-kalvin-club frankielicious iero potdreadsfrank essielf frank-ierhoe bitchyscemoenby lil-mistake-boi stressieboi pureandbloodstained gerardbutnotgerardway spiderway95 ghost-bonezz tacozebra tacobelltylerr vesselsintrench lu-hemmingss luck-cat vivalienne trinazz hpmerlinfan illuminatilovesyou save-yourself-stay-alive.

How am I supposed to ignore this now! You are such a creative, uplifting and inspiring person and I want you to know that!!! I love you a lot! Hearing your thoughts!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And I love it when you shar your unfinished fics and everything in between!! Please continue to let Rose destroy my girl Lyra. And amazing? And mysticmessofcrap! You were one of the very first writers I followed on here and your fics never fail to make me smile!

Something about me I like. I absolutely love my nose!

bnha x reader eating disorder

I like my freckles and hair as well, and am proud of how loyal and compassionate I am to those around me! Every time someone flushes upstairs. I was so looking forward to this Maybe I was too hopeful And the apartment people KNEW this could happen!

Where to? I have no idea. All I know is that I am completely miserable. So much of my money has gone into this place, only for it to have been destroyed when it could EASILY have been avoided if not for the incompetence of the apartment staff. Moving again is going to cost money.Bakugou honestly didn't know when he began crushing on a pure, sweet, adorable red — haired cinnamon roll who went by the name of Kirishima.

Said pure, sweet, adorable cinnamon roll followed Bakugou around and tried to be his friend, and as much as Bakugou hated to admit it, he enjoyed the company.

Bakugou Katsuki x Listener - Darkness - Buko No My Hero Academia - Fan Fiction Reading - BNHA - ASMR

Still, the feelings bouncing around his head were unshakeable, and Bakugou had to restrain himself from staring at Kirishima. It wasn't that the class didn't accept gayness Tokoyami sat on Shouji's lap instead of the table and everyone began screamingand it wasn't that Kirishima wasn't gay Bakugou had seen him flirt with other guys too many times — the problem was that Bakugou was a living piece of garbage.

Bakugou was a mean, unapproachable, and vulgar person — he wasn't a guy you'd want to befriend, unless you were a bright, cheerful red-head who just didn't know when to quit trying.

If Bakugou was a raven, Kirishima was a dove. A beautiful, awe-inspiring dove that was too kind for his own good. Of course, the feelings didn't go away overnight — as much as he wished they did.

Bakugou still felt the urge to grab the idiot and plant a kiss on those perfectly kissable lips, but he managed to get through. Kirishima's boyfriend was a student from a different class, and he was handsome, nice, and courteous to everyone. Everyone liked him at the very moment Kirishima introduced them all. Bakugou tried not to be mean to Kirishima's boyfriend — he couldn't make him mad or else he would tell Kirishima, who would then think that Bakugou was a mean and horrible person which Bakugou knows he is, nobody has to rub it inand as a result, stop hanging out with Bakugou.

It would be easier to not stare at that stupidly cute face everyday as they walked to school, but he couldn't stop watching. His heart ached as he saw Kirishima's boyfriend tutoring him with Japanese Lit.

Soon, Kirishima wouldn't need him around anymore, but maybe it was for the better. Bakugou was strong. He was always the one to leap into battle, the one to recklessly endanger himself, the one to fling himself into harm's way — everyone knew that, but they always thought he was just stupid and liked killing things.

Bucky Barnes is my Savior

They always praised Deku — always Deku — for coming up with brilliant plans, even though Bakugou was the one to follow them even though Deku didn't say a damn word. He felt so lonely on the way home, feeling miserable as he walked without Kirishima, feeling quiet. Kirishima was the one to fill the silences. The next day, he felt more unfocused than usual - probably because he hadn't eaten breakfast that morning. He hadn't eaten dinner last night, either.Warnings: Serious body image issues such as anorexia and self hate!

Please be warned! Also a little bit of heavy petting going on as well. One day she breaks down and Bucky finds her and takes care of her. Happy end! I just needed a way to cope and writing how I think Bucky would handle a situation like this really comforts me.

I really hope you enjoy because I made it personal with all the bad habits I have done. It started out small. You found yourself just staring at yourself in a mirror for long periods of time wondering why you looked the way you did. No one really paid you any mind, often forgetting you were apart of Avengers. Why do you believe that is? Being on the Avengers team was tough because you were often compared between other women on the team.

Excessive exercise became a habit for you and counting your calories became addicting. It was all in good fun. You just wanted to look better and feel better about yourself. Then all of a sudden one day you went from three meals a day to one meal every three. Five pounds gone to ten. You were finally seeing the results that you wanted.

bnha x reader eating disorder

Needed at this point. One early morning you were drinking your black coffee before you went to the cardio room for your run when Bucky Barnes walked in wearing a black T-shirt and basket-ball shorts, his hair still roughed up from last nights sleep. You both hardly spoke being that both of you are naturally quiet, but he was always kind to you when he did.

You glanced at him nervously because he was always so breathtaking when he walked into a room. Your eyes met for a moment before he gave you a small warm smile as a good morning. Your smile was returned as you looked down at your coffee. You wished he saw you as beautiful. Your smile faded as you focused your gaze at the ground thinking about how gross you look right now.

No makeup, hair in a ponytail and old workout clothes.Thank you for requesting. I even teared up writing it. I ask her to speak French and then I need her to translate I get the feeling she makes the meaning more significant.

Love could truly change your world. What if it was too good to be true? She told him she was okay, but both were trebling. She is the light of his life. Inviting like the ocean, rough like the ocean. Deadly like the ocean. Why did she wish to sink? Should the sea ever take away her fragile body, she would never come back.

At night, Bakugou dreamed of flooding the ocean itself with his tears, while fighting to bring her back.

Wa ter beat fire. And his heart was flooding. Maybe, the waves would come for him next. She was already looking towards the end of the world and he was desperately grabbing at the present. He was no magician, but at the time, he wished he could take her beautiful form to a dream world so powerful, that it would bring back reality and make it better.

The sea is a good place to think about the future. And all you can hear is the sound of your heartbeat. Please come back, and invite warmth back. I will love you forever. Instead of riding the waves, collect shells with me. Bask in the sun, and build a sandcastle. Make them all your friends. Your light will still shine. Even after a thousand years.

bnha x reader eating disorder

Filed under bakugou x reader bnha imagines bnha x reader Bakugou Katsuki songfic bnha mha requests. Anonymous asked: Can you write a scenario with bakugou based on the song "the sea is a good place to think of the future" by los campesinos please? I ask her to speak French and then I need her to translate I get the feeling she makes the meaning more significant Love could truly change your world.

What if the words she would whisper, started getting lost in translation? She was always far too pretty for me to believe in a single word she said She told him she was okay, but both were trebling.Everything was set up for the night.

The warm pizza was filling the air with its appetizing aroma, the popcorn was popping to an undiscovered beat inside the microwave and the drinks had already been poured into the matching cups both of you had bought last month. Even your favorite movie was just waiting for both of you to sit on the couch and press play in the living room.

Shouji had noticed the change in your mood the past week and asked you countless of times if there was something up, but after you dismissed him with a shake of your head each time he stopped.

It was the best he could do to show you he was there if you needed him. As the both of you went to sit on the couch he handed you a plate with pizza and you internally grimaced, but took it anyway. Taking a bite as the movie started. It felt like you were swallowing chalk, but you forced yourself to finish the rest. You were sure that the sounds of the movie would muffle out your own.

So when the door flung open you flinched and backed away from the toilet, staring up at him with wide eyes.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Eyes filled with sadness, shock and confusion stared right back at you.Originally posted by bun-zawa. He first noticed the shift in your behavior long before the change in weight. He also noticed your whole body language would change anytime he brought up going out to eat or getting coffee with him.

Normally you would be looking forward to them so to have you skipping them all together was off-putting to say the least. It had been a quiet evening in for the two of you. You were both working on paperwork in a comfortable silence. You both had also gone over what you had done that day and how hectic the rest of the week would be, there was no point in repeating yourselves. You had never been very good at trying to get anything past him anyhow.

He tried to give you some semblance of privacy when discussing your ED with him. He would suggest a course of action and listen to your opinion on if you felt that you would benefit from it or not and go from there. And he was more than willing to wait for you. Wild times huh folks? I either finished the first episode or nearly finished it - I liked it, I just think I started it when I had a lot goin on so I never went back to it.

yandere danganronpa

Originally posted by eagle-flies. He gets a kick out of your reactions since you can have a bit of a temper of course that also means you tended to retaliate which left the rest of the class having to defuse the situation. Originally posted by shoutoccake. Originally posted by hanae-ichihara. Originally posted by love-music-and-freedom. Me me tryna convince myself to not write stuff for fire force because I already have a lot of unfinished mha projects.

Originally posted by romeo-v-sama. He had accidentally permeated himself through a door and ended up knockin heads with her - Mirio had been mortified by the whole situation while she thought it was kinda funny. He felt even worse when she had offered to leave so that he would be comfortable.

It was all kinds of pathetic - he was studying at U. A to be a hero, to be like Mirio, and here he was shaking in his bones just because someone had joined them for lunch. He had been mentally kicking and screaming at himself as she gathered her things and just before she rose from her spot his arm had shot out to stop her, grabbing lightly on her sleeve. He found himself thinking about the interaction long after lunch had ended and he returned home. He found himself wanting to make her smile like that again.

She never held it against him though, being sure to give him a greeting if she ran into him or a small wave if she noticed him from a distance.

While initially Tamaki had been a nervous wreck during these interactions, he started to become more and more relaxed in her presence. He found he quite like the sound of her voice as she spoke about whatever was on her mind that day - eventually he started being able to give small responses starting with a slight nod or shake of his head when she asked a question an eventually he graduated to actual words and sentences.

While she was considerably less boisterous than Mirio was, when the two were together there really was no stopping them.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Thin Is Not A Sin. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: KuroAngelique - Stories: - Followers: 36 - id: A collection of various eating disorder fanfics, from those who can trigger eating disorder, to those who merely make fun of it. They came from various fandoms; from movies, to anime, to tv shows.

Accused of having mental health problems such as anorexia, self-harm and compulsive lying, will Harry be able to escape? Or will he be trapped there for the rest of his summer forced to endure pointless therapy sessions? Can Fred see though his twin's excuses and save him before its too late? Contains triggering issues, please be careful.

Progress and Beyond by canibecandid reviews But it doesn't burn anymore, as she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand, her hair in a ponytail, and numbly pushes the plunger with shaky fingers. It doesn't burn anymore, until she sees him standing in the doorway. Withered by Eternally Seventeen reviews 'They lay there together, two forgotten girls, with the dead hopelessly trying to revive the dying.

What happens when Scorpius discovers her on the verge of death in an abandoned washroom? Secrets by shadowhunter-in-black reviews Clary has started to believe Jace is too good for her, and is worried she'll lose him. To make her perfect she decides to lose weight by stopping eating which leads to anorexia, can Jace and her friends help her to get better? Pretty by fanficfollower reviews Edward broke up with Bella in the woods and she has a break down. Not knowing what else to do, Charlie send her to the hospital where Carlisle is working his last shift.

Bella begs Carlisle to talk to Edward for her and she promises to change. She will be better She will be prettier. Canon Pairings and rated T for anorexia, bulimia, and all around depression. May be a trigger? Starve by i can't care reviews Clary has anorexia bulimia because of Jace's constant bullying. So she joins a counseling group, always wearing her mask and wig, that lets her express how she's feeling around her friends that feel the same.

But the counselor's son is jace, so she must be careful. Jace never knows what to say around Clary, so ends up hurting her. He had no idea he could affect her so much. No one knows what she's doing to herself.

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