2k erg times chart

2k erg times chart

Support Us! Beginner's 2k August 20, Mark Kornweibel. Ed, Here is the hilarious autobiography of a first time 2k erg test. Performed and written by Mark Kornweibel, our documentary film maker that has been overcome by the desire to learn to row. Let's just hope he doesn't burn out on the erg before he actually makes it on the water! Latest update has it that he is down to at least an 2k by now.

This has to go down in history as possibly the funniest, yet most truthful documentation of how it feels on a first ever erg race.

It is also a prime example of why it is much, much better to never do one of these alone. It is so much easier to survive when you know the person next to you is suffering just as bad!

Amy Martin For nine months I had been filming a documentary on American women rowers training for the Olympics. When I got it, I figured I ought to try it out.

2k Erg Power Profile Calculator

If the rowers have to put up with it, I could at least get a glimpse into their world. On the first two days I had done a leisurely m, in times of andrespectively. While eating cookies. On the third day, after a dinner of beef stew, beers and then a few cookies, I decided it was time for an ERG race. This time my goal was to hit below Please understand, I don't work out regularly unless I can find a game like racquetball where I can beat the crap out of somebody or vice versa and not just for the sake of doing the same thing over and over.

I'll run if I can watch a movie at the same time. I begin. I try to remember Whitney Post's instructions on form. Typically, in life, I have no form. In anything. I bellyflop off the high dive. I look like a hunchback driving down the street.

I run into doors and walls and get my cell phone earpiece caught on doorknobs. When I took a class in ballroom dance the instructor told me I was a danger to myself and others. This time I pay attention to stroke rate at the beginning.

First it said Within two strokes I am at I am not sure if that is good or not, but I do my best to maintain it. I am rowing by pulling back and up to my chest, like I've seen the rowers do, and not into my abdomen like in the ERG manual. I try pulling into my abdomen a few times and the stroke rate jerks up, which I didn't figure is any good since I wasn't going any faster. With m remaining I am sure of one thing.

The Fastest 500m Row On Film - 1:11.4

I want longer legs. I am getting a lot of power out of my legs at the beginning of the stroke, but my legs end well before the end of the stroke and my arms, which aren't anywhere near as strong as my legs, have to take over.

It suddenly occurs to me why many rowers' waists are about six inches below their chins. For most of the first m I am at about on the predicted time.The phone will be ringing of the hook and official visits are abundant. Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Breaking 7 minutes 40 seconds for 2K85th percentile University coaches start paying attention to open weight rowers. Coaches emphasize the need for good GPA and high academic test scores. Breaking 7 minutes 30 seconds for 2K90th percentile A more common score among among division one rowing universities' recruiting lists.

Coaches show interest and will emphasize the need for good GPA and high academic test score. Elite coaching helps female high school rowers achieve their erg goals quicker. Aerobic conditioning Utilizing cardiac measurements to optimize training intensity. Cross training High conductive for improved training quality and motivation.

Optimizing Power application A key component for improved erg scores. This requires careful attention to aerobic development, power application on the erg, and specific strength training. Elite coaching helps stay on top of those training components. Athletic knowledge is acquired early and leads the way to an unforgettable run to being a top collegiate rowing recruit.

Read and watch the story of my coaching family tree. College Recruiting Information: Female high school rowers need to be trained differently then their male counterparts.Post by Bob S.

Privacy Policy. Quick links. What's Considered good? General discussion on Training. How to get better on your erg, how to use your erg to get better at another sport, or anything else about improving your abilities. However, i'm finding it hard to benchmark my workouts. With that said, what are considered excellent, good, average times for a 2k, 5k and 10k set pieces?

I'm 27 years old, 6' ft tall, weigh lbs and have no crew background or experience, training on a Concept 2 Model D. Right now I'm focusing on 5k and 10k workouts, my best 5k time thus far is a Any advise on workouts to drop my times and breakup the training schedule? Looking to see where I stand in the 'world of rowing' and where I can take my workouts if I start training properly, any information would be great.

Thanks in advance Re: What's Considered good? In addition, these times could be done by anyone such as myself and don't hold much weight in terms of comparing times.

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To put more specifically, I'd like to know what experienced rowing athletes are posting for 2k, 5k and 10k times. Thank you for the input and helping to clarify the info I'm looking for When I was 27 I felt like I could run miles if need be.

I thought i was strong. I never posted times anywhere what you have done. At my strongest I could do in 19 min. I think you are probably in outstanding shape and will really improve your times as you improve technique and train more.

2k erg times chart

What rate are you doing your pieces at? If you are just starting out, I bet you are rowing at spm or higher. Try to do your same times spm. That's a good way to start improving I think.

Then when you try to do PRs, you can let your rate drift up again. The top end of the rankings lined up pretty well, but the online rankings had a much longer tail of slower times, as you would expect. As Henry said, the most of the best OTW rowers probably don't rank their times, but the age group differences are not that huge, so if you get into the top percentiles of the rankings, I think it is safe to say that you are doing pretty well.

By the way, just looking at your times, I'd say your doing really well. With some 5K specific training, I think you'd crush the rankings.

Greg Age: 55 H: cm W: 90Kg. My medium-term goal likely still months away is to pull a sub 10k. In any case, the easiest comparisons are done at the 2k distance, since that is the piece all erg competitions are run at, many rowing races, and is, by far, the most popular ranking distance. JimG, Gainesville, Ga, 74, 76", lb. PBs: As stated abouve if you can get in the 90th percentile or better your in the excellent category. You are the same height as me but have a huge age advantage so I would say you have the potential to improve further.From community college to online programs.

Check out our directory of virtual campus tours we know about right now. Check out our exclusive directory of extended deadlines we know about right now. March edited April in Athletic Recruits. March edited April Post edited by beenthere2 on April Replies to: Erg times. MarkBass replies 19 threads Junior Member. April Thanks, yes, I agree, that gives a very good indication. Here is a little more data. One with a got into a top state school program.

That should give everyone an idea. My daughters friend was recruited to Wisco with an Her other friend went to Penn with not much under an 8. My daughters friend was recruited to Wisco with an Generally only athletes with a 2K of a or lower are considered for an athletic scholarship. The updates you sent are a great help for me to get to know you better as an athlete. Since official visits are paid for by the university they are by invitation only.

That is from "a coach" Ill look for the others. I made a mistake about the Penn girl Sorry, I'm not following what Posts 5 and 6 mean. And, Post 7, thanks. I feel somewhat vindicated. Markbass Nope, not odd, I know OW rowers on the lighter side who were 'recruited' i. But keep in mind that for OW rowers, erg times are less comparable because coaches will take into account the weight. So, a for a girl who's lbs will garner a lot more interest than a for a rower who weighs lbs I'm making up these numbers here.

Penn does recruit OW rowers in the low s. Athletic recruit college options. NCAA transfer portal for Div 1 graduate - baseball. Test optional and athletic recruiting.As you enter values and move from one cell to another additional values are calculated wherever possible. For example, enter a distance and a split and the UEC will show time and watts ; enter a split and time and the UEC will show distance.

Similarly, if you have entered a distance and time the average split and watts will be shown.

2k erg times chart

And so on. If you have entered values for distance and time a split is calculated. If you then edit the split UEC doesn't know whether you want to modify distance or time, i. For this reason nothing happens when you edit the split until you click in either the distance or time field.

If you need any guidance or have ideas about improving the UEC please feel free to email me: walt at brookhouse dot co uk.

The corresponding split is shown in the Split box. This will update the split value. Enter a new value in the distance field and the time field will then be updated. Everyone loves a predictor! As we all know, the best predictor is rowing the distance as hard as you can.

Sometimes, though, you need a guide to pace based on a known performance at a different distance. Strictly speaking, Paul's Law isn't a predictor but rather serves to highlight whether you need to work on speed or endurance.

Enter a known time and distance in the UEC, and select a different distance from the Paul's Law dropdown. If you click the more arrow next to Watts you can see the percentage figures that the LTB spreadsheet uses for various distances. Using the Ultimate Erg Calculator is free of charge. If your software product is free of charge then you may use what you see here freely but you must always credit the owner and link to www.

Predictors Everyone loves a predictor!The Golden Standard of Rowing Fitness can be measured by this calculator. Kurt Jensen, a Danish rowing wizard gathered the erg score test results of a number of world class rowers over a number of years and discovered numerical relationships between 2k, 10 second, 60 second, 6k and 60 minute test results. After you click calculate, you can view your Power Profile Table and Graph below. When you enter your 2k erg score you will see Pace Score and Watts for 10 seconds, 60 seconds, 2k, 6k and 60 minutes.

These are the scores you should be able to achieve if you have an optimum rowing fitness for 2k erging. For example, say your best 6k is 18 seconds slower than what the Jensen Model requires then you should adjust your training to improve this area of your fitness.

All the tests were completed within a week, and were performed a number of times during the rowing season, over a number of years. Most of the rowers were world or Olympic medalists and some held the world record on the erg. When he compiled the data, he discovered a numerical relationship between the 5 test scores. Using the 2k erg score in watts as the baseline he found that:. This Fitness Testing Model was the basis for much of their success. However — that does not mean you should neglect your base aerobic and threshold energy systems.

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This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thanks.Login Sign Up. Toggle navigation Menu Login. Indoor Rower. Season Sex All Male Female. State All States. All ranking pieces must be single distance or timed pieces no interval pieces started from a non-moving flywheel.

2k erg times chart

Accelerated starts from moving flywheels during intervals are not accepted as ranking times. The machine should be on a level surface during the piece.

Modifications to the machine that alter its performance are not allowed. Examples of allowed modifications; seating, pedals, handlebars. Please check with Concept2 if you are unsure. There is no required damper setting. You are free to choose the setting you prefer and you may change the setting during the piece as long as it is done by the person using the machine.

Learn more about damper settings. Indoor rower pieces may be rowed with or without Slides. The exception: all meter record-breaking times must be rowed on Concept2 Indoor Rowers without Slides. The distance pieces should be set up as a preset workout so the meters count down. To learn how to preset a workout on your monitor, please see the Monitor Support section on our main website. Having done this, once the piece is completed, the tenths of a second will appear with the finish time.

The timed pieces should be set up as a workout so the time counts down while rowing. When using the BikeErg, the air flow to and from the flywheel cannot be obstructed in any way with additional objects or covering materials at any point during the piece or the preceding calibration verification.

The Ranking is an honor based system. Using any methods to gain an unfair advantage or entering false or erroneous information are not allowed.

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